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did i talk TOOO much?!?

Im sorry about the series of YASU entries.

Yesterday,I spend whole night playing DAFUGO(rich,wealthy or poor?,i forgot English name) and talking with Japanse students at the dorm.
Since I came here,I haven't talked so much about topic besides studying or on-going campus life stuff. So I talked and talked and listened and talked and little bit listened and TALKED(!)about our life's value or love experiment. anyway Ive talked a lot.(I had an eye-witness,who was laughing at the moment when I was talking, dindnt I?)(ha,,ha)
well,I reduced my stress by talking what I think in japanese,because usually I can not,I mean,I do not talk in Japanese;therefore,I normally can not say what I really want to say.
However, I felt little bit embarrased what I said yesterday night because as I said,im not the person to talk about myself.
(I want to make clear this point:I did NOT talked about my love experiment at all;thus, it was about other thing that I felt embarrased)
Normally I do not talked about myself, my background or sth has past of myself ,because I believe the words:

"Yesterday is history,
tomorrow is a mystery,
today is God's gift, that's why we call it present."

--Joan Rives

In my words,
what happened in the past is not big issue for me; instead , what I learned from past is much more important like how I overcome them or why I did such a mistake.

I dont know why but I was in a high tension(may be because of finished EXAM or sth)
, and that made me talktive.

To sum up, my question is

did I talk TOOOOO much?

i mean,
(How does my life change by talking about myself(EFFECT ESSAY!)
by aimaya | 2005-02-27 07:47

自己紹介(YASU ver.)


aico: 一言でいうと、positiveな人。自分のvisionをしっかり持ってて、それを表現できる人。  環境学とphilosophyを語らせたら、外大No.1。考え方が非常にuniqueなひと。

yasu:一言でいうと、野心家。昔、extremely pessimisticだったけど、外大に来て、少しoptimisticになった。ささいなことでも、びびったり、喜んだり、悲しんだりする人。

by aimaya | 2005-02-26 01:27 | Profile~about us~

is it my turn??

hi there.
I finally finished writing my essay!!!!! id been working on it for almost a week...:( so now i feel like im in heaven!! hehe, but i cant relax b/c im sure that ill get a horrible evaluation on it. oh well, thats fine.. :)

Aiko* who are the teachers of this semester's pre-departure course?? JOE again?? hehe. so now you dont live by yourself? then you travel for 2&1/2 everyday!?!? oh my gosh!! i hope you wont be exhausted before you go to Sweden. oh, can you teach me how to say "hello" or "hi" in Swedish?

Yasu*thank youl for your comment! well, i was gonna discuss about the speech at dinner, but i totally forgot about it! haha:)
i think that you have a strong will, so youll do fine yo!!

i need to sleep now....... c ya later!


by aimaya | 2005-02-25 10:28

aico from Kangai

HEEY!! Wat' up?!? well..I am the only one who has much time to write this I think..I live in Kobe now and I go to Hirakata every day..it is okay,but I am getting tired a little bit.
Now I started to study Swedish which is really hard to do by myself. But I found out that our brains should work all the time..otherwise it just gets weak and weak..!! Do you guys have camera over there? I saw a video tape of Wisconsin Uni. a few days ago..but..it seemed..exciting.......??
well...if you can attach some pic on this,please please!!
and Manami,,are you really gonna be back to Japan while Spring break?
i will write more later!
by aimaya | 2005-02-24 06:36


As we havent decided our turns yet, I will write today.
Actually we hava options: 1.Mon and Thur 2.Tue and Fri 3.Wed and Sat
Please let me know what turn you want to write.

Human GeographyのMiddle East Map QuizとExercise1のスコアの結果が教授からe-mailで届いた。
QUIZ: 25/25 Exercise1:45/50
嬉しかったが、僕はシラバスを見て、現実にかえった。ふたつあわせてもGrade totalの10%弱にすぎないのである。今度あるMid-examは30%,三分の一の評価である。アメリカの大学はよく成績至上(特にGPA)主義。よければ、finacial aidやscholraship対象にもなるし悪ければ、退学、強制送還にもなりかねない。アメリカの編入を目指している自分にとっては、GPAを高く、限りなくA(4.0)に近く取ることが大切なのである。そうなると、90%以上を保たなければならない計算になる。Quizやassignmentの度に、89点以下ならば嘆き、90点以上でほっとする、最近それの繰り返しである。




I hope we can write wether in English or Japanse.
It is up to us.
However if you have any request about the language please let us know.

Have a wonderful day!
by aimaya | 2005-02-24 02:26

The first message from MANAMI!!!!

hey you guys!!!! whazzup?
next week i have lots of exams and assignments, so i dont think i can write a lot today. i wanna tell you something new or exciting, but ive been working on my paper in my dorm almost all day, except for going to classes, so im having boring days recently...:(
i know it should be an exciting message for you two, but today...please forgive me..hehe:)
anyway, this is an interesting way to communicate with you guys, so i try not to forget to post messages every Tue&Fri. :)
talk to you later!
by aimaya | 2005-02-23 13:35